10 Things You Should Not Do When Getting a Domain Name

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When it comes to buying a domain name there are a few general practices I strongly recommend avoiding for the first time domain buyer.

1) Don’t get frustrated when you find out that your first choice domain name is already taken. It happens all the time. Take a moment and expand your ideas.

2) Avoid using creative spellings unless you are dealing with an established brand. This is in general a good rule. If it’s hard to spell then it’s usually hard to remember which is not ideal. Think about choosing a domain that makes it as easy as possible for the most people out there to easily spell and remember it.

3) Avoid using numbers in the domain again unless it’s an established brand. The problem with this is similar to #2. If you have to explain the domain when you say it out loud it’s typically a red flag. For example using the number “4” in place of the word “for” must be explained when talking about the site. Chances are people will forget it when they are searching online, when telling others about the site and so on.

4) Avoid using hyphens or dashes in the domain. Same kind of issue as #3 as well as it looks like you’re forcing the domain. Typically a dash will be used to get a domain similar to one that is already taken. It does not look as good, it’s a pain to explain and can be annoying. Go for something without the dash.

5) Avoid buying a ton of unnecessary add-on services you don’t need. As a first time domain buyer it’s very possible that some registrars are going to offer you add-on services you do not need. They all look important and necessary but they are not. If all you need is a domain name then that’s all you should be buying. If your total is over $11 or $12 something is off. Save your money.

6) Avoid buying a ton of different extensions of the same domain unless you have a ton of extra cash or are registering a branded name. Often other extensions will be offered to you during the purchase process. If you’ve got the cash to do it you can buy many different extension versions of your domain name. My suggestion for the first time domain buyer is skip it and save your money.

7) Avoid making it hard to say. If it’s hard to say it’s very probably hard to spell and hard to remember. Simple, clean and understandable is the way to go.

8) Avoid impulse buys. Especially when first starting out you’ll tend to think of what seem like amazing domain names at the time. You’ll quickly buy these up because you just can’t believe they are still available. Save your money and focus. Don’t go on a crazy domain name buying spree.

9) Never allow anyone else to buy a domain name for you. Ever. This is one of those things that are never a problem until it’s a problem but by then it’s a big problem. Just save your future self the headache and be sure to buy that domain with your own credit card.

10) Avoid hesitation. The only way to get going down the path to a great personal blog or small business website is to start right now. Don’t over think it. Don’t over complicate it. Go get yourself a domain name and get going.

Don’t let the above scare you off from buying that domain name you’ve been thinking about. Just be aware of these 10 points and you’ll be in better shape than most first time buyers!

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