3 Easy Ways to Make Money With Spare Domain Names

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Domain names are dirt cheap these days, and so easy to get that it seems like everyone has at least one. Many online affiliate marketers tend to collect domain names though… either because they find a great niche market they’d like to make money from, they come up with an excellent new business idea and register a domain name for it, or they simply come across a fantastic domain which isn’t already registered.

So they register domains. Sometimes lots of domains end up laying around unused after awhile too, because there just isn’t enough time in a day to develop every single idea you come up with. You don’t have to let your unused domains just lay around gathering dust though. There’s actually many ways you can make money from them, and today we’ll look at three of the easiest.

1. Domain Parking – The fastest and most simple way of making money from an unused domain name is to simply park it at a service such as Sedo, where you’ll be paid a portion of the click income that’s generated from visitors to the domain.

This isn’t usually a way to make large amounts of money of course, unless you have hundreds of extra domains lying around or you happen to have one with tons of traffic. It is a way however, to at least let the domain name earn its keep. In other words, you can usually earn enough each year to pay for the registration renewal fees. And sometimes you’ll even earn a small bit of profit too.

2. Domain Redirection to Affiliate Products – Another very easy way to create a steady stream of income from unused domains is to simply redirect the domain to an affiliate product or program you’re associated with.

If you have a golf related domain name for instance, simply point it to a golf related affiliate product. This way any time someone finds the domain online, they’ll automatically be taken to your affiliate link for the product in question. And sales can dribble in all year. If the domain has a decent amount of steady traffic, you can even make a decent monthly income with this method.

3. Automated, Self Updating Sites – This is actually one of my favorite things to do with unused domain names, because it allows you to slowly grow a larger site which can increase the amount of money it makes over time, increase the amount of traffic visiting it, and it will be a sellable asset in the future if you decide not to keep it.

Creating automated self updating websites can be done in a variety of ways too. You can have a blog which parses RSS feeds about a certain topic, or you could have one which posts relevant affiliate products for sale. The site could also feature coupons and special sales or deals, or it could simply be a regularly updating directory on a specific topic.

Since the site regularly updates itself automatically though – and especially if it’s published in blog format – it will generate search engine interest, backlinks from other websites, and organic traffic for you daily. And that traffic is likely to grow over time because your site continues to be updated regularly.

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