5 Powerful Steps to Optimise Your Domain Name

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Your domain name is the central focus of your online identity. The success of your website will largely depend on how well you have researched and crafted your URL. Subsequently, To ensure that your website will receive the volume and type of traffic you desire, you must create a name that is both memorable and search engine friendly.

Follow these 5 critical steps to create a memorable and effective name for your website:

1. Use keyword suggestion tools to find effective search terms. For example, if you are running a website about how to make money online or dating, many of the popular keywords have already been used. But you can use equally relevant or similar words with free online tools to find rarer long-tail keywords.

2. Keep your URL short and simple – straightforward term is much easier to remember. Experts suggest that you try to stay withing 5-14 characters as these are easier to type and facilitate easy recall.

3. Use the appropriate top level domain. Depending on the content and purpose of your site .org, .biz, .tv, or .com will usually be appropriate. If your site promotes products for sale, .com as this is the most popular suffix. However .com addresses are becoming saturated and you may get a better name with another extension like .ws or .net.

4. Make your name easy to remember. Associate your website name with your product line or to your specific industry. This is one of the best techniques that you can use to ensure that your domain name will be embedded on your potential clients’ memory and will make it easy to find using search engines.

5. Purchase expired domain names. If your target name is already listed, you can find similar names that have already expired and are now available again. This strategy can give your site an added edge as you may find that you continue to receive residual traffic from existing links.

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