5 Useful Tips For Newbies Registering Domain Names Online

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Registering for a domain name, you have to be prepared that your personal information will be publicly listed in the WHOIS database. Web hosting company may hide your information such as telephone numbers, address and email if they provide privacy services. In this case, you still have full control over the domain name.

However, some registrar will protect your personal information from spam but might not able to do the same for law enforcement agencies.

What happens when a registrar goes bankrupt?

You will face difficulty to proof that you own that domain if your domain is registered under that registrar. In some cases, registrar will register their client’s private details with a third party just in case they go bankrupt. By right, the one that owns the domain legally is the one who controls the domain username, password and other related details.

The ownership of the domain name is very straightforward. If an owner did not renew his registration, he will get a grace period to allow him to buy back his domain name. If he is unable to do so, his domain name will be auction. In this case, the owner could still get back his domain name but he will have to face a penalty for not renewing his account. This is until before the domain is drop by the registrar and release from the ICANN/Verisign database. If that happens, the previous owner will have to compete fair and square with everyone else. Well, all this hassle can be avoided if the owner keeps on renewing his registration on time.

In another situation, an owner of a domain may loose his control over the domain if there is an argument regarding trademark issues. If this sort of argument arises, it is often settled in court or resolved by agreement before any action is made on the domain by the registrar. Lastly, a domain registration is not refundable. If a registrar does agree on refunding, they will deduct the cost for the registration of the domain name from the refund.

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