6 Top Tips on How to Chose Great Domain Names

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It’s always a good idea to spend time thinking about the ideal domain names for your website. The time you spend at this early stage of building your online presence whether it be a business or a community blog will be well worth your while. As choosing the right domain names will have a direct impact upon your marketing efforts and will either help or hinder you, with getting found by the search engines and your potential customers.

Relevance: Ideally your domain name should be the same as your website name, that way when people are searching for your services, if they know your brand name they will know where to search for you. Many companies and community blogs intertwine their company name, website name and domain name together for maximum effect.

However, there is an alternative, you can choose a domain name that is industry specific, i.e. it relates to your products or services. The international DIY store B&Q are a good example of this strategy. Their domain name is the industry itself – DIY.com

Short and Memorable: By having a short and catchy domain name, you increase the chances of people remembering it, (great for word of mouth advertising) and it also helps to avoid spelling mistakes, which could direct your customers to your competitors websites!

Business Location: If your business or community blog is location specific, that is you are providing a service to your local area only, then put your location into your domain name. So, for example if you are a plumber in Southampton or a dentist in Salisbury put your location into your domain name. Here’s an example: MediSpa Salisbury

Keep it Easy to Spell: You don’t want to loose out on potential business because your customers are unable to spell your chosen domain name, so best advice here is to avoid words which are commonly misspelt.

Avoid Using Hyphens: The essence of an easy to spell and easy to remember catchy domain name is to get found by your potential customers. After spending the time coming up with your perfect domain name, don’t go and hyphenate it! People won’t remember to put the hyphens in and in the worst case scenario all you’ll end up doing is directing your customers to your rivals website!

National or International Business: The country from which your target customers will be searching for your business is very important and should influence your decision on whether you select a domain name with a suffix of: .com, .co.uk, .eu, .ie etc for your website. Search engines will always try to return websites from within the country that the searcher is located. So if you are mainly targeting national traffic within the UK, it would make sense to have a co.uk suffix at the end of your domain name. For this reason, if your business is targeting ex-pats in Spain, then you would select a domain name with the suffix.es to maximise your marketing efforts.

However, if like thousands of other businesses, you find that your ideal domain name is no longer available, all is not lost. You then need to select a web hosting company based in the country of your target market. This makes it easier for search engines to return your website as your domain name is parked there.

Conclusions: This is by no means a definite article on to how to chose great domain names for your business but we hope it helps. So grab a coffee, pen and paper and jot down your ideas, use our domain name checker on the home page to check your options, the effort you put into this task today will make a difference in attracting customers to your website and the future success to your business!

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