A Quick Guide About Choosing a Domain Name For Reselling

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When you buy a domain name for resale there are some decisions you need to take.

How much should you pay for it?

What niche is it?

Who is your potential buyer?

These answers need to be answered before you buy the domain and this is how you do that:

How much should you pay depends on quality of domain, and traffic it gets.

Quality means that the:

1. domain is short

2. domain is easy to remember

3. domain is easy to spell

4. domain is descriptive or/and brandable

5. domain does not contain hyphens and numbers

6. domain has a .com extension

Traffic means: how much traffic the domain gets. More traffic means that the domain worth more, because there are more revenue opportunities from that traffic. The price of a domain needs to be summed after taking the quality and traffic into the consideration. I would suggest third party advice when you are trying to decide about the price you think the domain you want to buy for reselling if you don’t know how to do it yourself, just use appraisal sections on domain forums or ask a domainer friends of yours.

The niche you of that domain you want to buy is important too, the questions you have to ask yourself are:

Is it a big niche with powerful players in it?

Does it get searches in search engines?

Is it an affordable niche? I mean high quality keywords, like money, mortgage etc…

Can you research that niche easily?

Can you write a sales page on that niche easily?

In my experience the most important part in choosing a niche is the last point; will it be easy for you to write a sales letter to a potential buyer? I suggest choosing a niche that you know at least some minimal information about or learn to write killer sales letters.

The last part and most important is how to find the potential buyer for the domain you want to sell:

– Research

– Research

– More research

Use business directories like business.com or yellow pages and more.. DMOZ.org is a great resource for finding a potential buyer too.

Here I will give an example:

Not long ago I acquired a domain name with the name Connectors.Us, I bought it under 100$ and of course I wanted to sell it for profit. I started my search on Google with the term: “Connectors”, and I surprised to learn that connectors are connected with electronic niche. Next step I took was going to dmoz.org and searching for electronic parts manufacturers, and connectors, then I found a nice list of companies, I wrote a nice sales letters and sent those emails about my sale to the companies. A week after, I have sold it for 1000$, I can tell you it is a great ROI, and it was easy as hell.

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