Absolutely Free Domain Names – Are They Really Free?

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Well, putting up a website is no joke. It entails a lot of work and money. To start with, you must have a domain name. It’s one important thing that you must consider because it’s your website’s identity. It distinguishes you from others and plays a very important role in bringing people to your site. If it fails to do this for some reasons, then all else fails. So do it right the first time by carefully choosing the best domain name you possibly could. If it’s the money that is holding you back from choosing the best, forget it for a moment.

If you’re thinking of absolutely free domain names, forget it also. Let’s discuss first some of the important things to consider in choosing the best one. Since it identifies your business from others, it must also effectively describe your business. So you think of using your company name or the kind of business you’re engaged in. I strongly advice you not to use characters like dashes or underscores. They’ll get people confused and make your name difficult to remember. Another important thing to consider is the keyword. It’s very important to make it search engine friendly. What I mean is that it’s good if it has a keyword in it so that it could easily be detected by search engines.

If you’re engaged in selling cosmetics for example, you may want to add the word cosmetics to your company name to make it searchable. So it would be the name of your company plus the word cosmetics. But somebody else might have owned this already and if you think of buying it, don’t expect that it’ll be one of those absolutely free domain names. Domain name extensions must also be taken into consideration. Should you use .com, .net, .org, or .info? There are so many others, but these are the most common. If you’ve noticed, most websites that you could immediately remember have the .com extension.

It is because it is the most common and it has become natural for people to type in .com. Some businesses use multiple domain names to have more visits. For example, if you choose essensialcosmetics.com, you may also want to have essentialcosmetics.net or essentialcosmetics.org, and so on. However, with so many businesses online and similarities in company name, there is a big possibility that it is already taken. Likewise, the alternatives you have thought of are also not available. Then again you think of buying an existing one. But then again, don’t expect of absolutely free domain names because most likely, the owners will not give it away for free.

In fact, many are engaged on this particular kind of business and I tell you they make lots of money here. On the other hand, if you happen to find absolutely free domain names, beware because there might be something wrong in them. It might be they’re free because they’re not effective in bringing in visitors. In the end, they’re not really absolutely free domain names because you’ve practically wasted everything, your money and your effort, for such useless scraps. So be very careful. Cost should never be your primary consideration because if it is, you might end up paying a high price for it.

Select those that will give the most value to your business. After all, it is a good investment.

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