Aged Expired Domains – Are They Really Good Enough?

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Determining the real commercial value of an aged domain is quite difficult and tedious. Domain traders make it a point to grab aged domains from auction houses just to taste their hidden powers and commercial advantages. However, experienced and seasoned domain traders always doubt about the commercial viability of such domains. According to domain name experts, considering the actual age of a given expired domain is a very small factor.

Expired domains that are really old, say 12 years, may provide you some undeniable advantages due to their ripe, old age; lot of people can identify its name because of the old acquaintance. Now the big question is why do domain name traders desire the issue of age so badly? Is there something that you and I do not know? One conventional bit of thought says that all good quality domains were registered first and in actuality, they should be too good to be neglected. This seems a valid argument and a sensible issue as far as the issue of age is concerned.

On the other hand, some domain name traders are too skeptical about old domains, just because they may have nothing to offer you, except that they have a past record of continuous and consistent renewal. An old domain may just be a simple domain with no established history of traffic and inbound links. Experts also suggest that an old domain may have belonged to two categories of owners- an established business or industry that will never let their domain slip out of their hands, or an old domain owned by small businesses or individuals, who might have lost their control over their domains due to some unknown reasons.

However, there is one single significant advantage associated with old domains, especially when they relate themselves with the leading searching engines. Google has a verifiable system of grading domain names according to their age; its massive and humongous search technological algorithms ensure that really old domains are placed at their relevant search engine rank positions. However, at what position such domains get their ranking is still uncertain and unsure.

Fixing the actual price for such domains are actually very difficult and you may decide it going by the current market trends, while buying one such domain. However, one thing to note here is that people are ready to pay a fair price for such domains, just to utilize them for developing meaningful web sites. If you wish to buy an old expired domain, ensure that you are checking its age; if the age is more than say 8 years, you can definitely go for it. Age factors can help you find out the quality of generics, as this is a better indicator of finding the value of an expired domain name. Most of the premium and better quality domain names sprout from an internet boom era of late 1990’s.

However, buying expired domains based on their perceived age could be a tricky issue and you may need to learn and understand how the age of a given domain expired can really help you in your domain trading business.

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