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Alternative domain name extension and registration may seem like something that is not important in the immediate term, especially when you are trying to manage the expenses of operating a site from day to day. However, it is very important that you take part in this practice from the beginning so that you can avoid some common pitfalls down the road. Alternative domain name extension and registration is a commonly accepted concept among Internet entrepreneurs. It helps with brand building and protection, operations, and expansion. If you are ready to move into the online world as an entrepreneur, then it is important to take this aspect of your business plan seriously.

Brand building and protection

When you are getting your site’s name out there, you are starting a brand. But if you fail to take the proper steps to protect that brand, your efforts could go awry in a hurry. It is for this reason that many decide to register more than one extension of the main domain name. In addition to the typical “dot com,” they may also buy the “dot net,” “dot org,” “dot biz,” and “dot info” extensions, then have them redirect to the main site. In so doing, this unequivocally identifies the brand and protects it from competition with other site owners who may have the same name with a different extension.


When you have your alternative domain name extension and registration in place, you can go about your business with the primary site until you are ready for expansion. Being able to focus all your efforts into establishing that first success will go a long way in to creating more successes. Far too many online business owners think they’ll get around to alternative extensions and registration later, only to find “later” affords them no opportunity at all to do so because someone else has come along and taken the name.


Alternative name extensions and registration are not only good for brand protection and building and operations of the main site, but they are also great placeholders for future business expansion. If your main site spins off into subsidiaries, you may wish to use the alternate extensions and registrations to grow your business without spending any more money than you have to. While expansion probably isn’t your goal early on, it should be in the foreseeable future. And when you foresee that future, you shouldn’t be derailed by the petty annoyance of losing a domain name.

Alternative domain name extensions and registration have been a big part of Internet business for a while now. If you wish to join this fraternity of success stories, then it should be on your radar. By making room for it now, you won’t have to later.

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