Are All of the Cool Domain Names Taken?

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Every year thousands of businesses start and a majority of them want a website. This also means that they will a require a domain name. Domain names, good ones that not only represent their business but are search engine friendly,that utilize the correct keywords, listing and type.There is only one problem, everyone wants the same thing. Everyone wants the perfect domain name but they can not all be successful in getting the name that they want. More than likely, their name is already taken. There are 30 million .com, .org, .nets registered but there are thousands of domain expiring every day. They expire because their owner no longer needs or wants them, forget to renew them, or just are not able to pay for their renewal. Some of these domain might be just right for your business. And the best part is that you can buy them.

As the buyer, it is up to you to determine how much these domains are worth and what you are willing and able to pay for them? You want the right domain name but is your purchase cost-effective. Don’t go broke buying a name. Be sure that the benefits are worth the cost. Does the name come with a good Google Page Ranking? Does it have sound Back Links? What type of sites link to this name? Does it come with favorable Search Engine Optimization? How valuable is this expired domain to you? Do your research!

Next question as a buyer, is where can I purchase these expired domains? The best way to get these names is through auction sites. These sites bring both buyer and seller together. Sellers wanting to profit from the domains they’ve acquired and buyers wanting to purchase domain name that most closely fits and will benefit their business.

The auction site that you choose should have the expertise and experience to provide the customer support needed to guide you through the bidding process.They should have the tools to enable you to search by keywords, listing, type and domain extensions (.com, .org, .net, etc). Auction sites should offer you protection. You should be able to receive the domain name before the seller receives payment. (check with the auction site regarding their policy on this matter). Some also offer escrow services.

Last but not least, these sites charge a fee. Usually starting at 10%, with a minimum of $5.00. Try to keep the cost down.

There are many expired domain auction sites online and millions of expired domains, so start your search and Buy the Domain That You Want!

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