Are H-Y-P-H-E-N-S (dashes) – In Your Domain Name – Acceptable?

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Before we can actually make a decision on the use of dashes (hyphens) in our domain names we must first understand how your typical search engine (parses) or looks at information. Many search engine algorithms are designed to separate the words in a string and look at them separately.

By understanding that, it should be perfectly acceptable to use a domain name with hyphens in it because the search engine is going to separate the words anyway. Right?

We think so anyway! We have had great luck with hyphenated domain names and so have many other online marketers. I guess the main thing is to have your own domain name rather than using a sub domain.

There are defiantly some benefits to using hyphenated domain names and they are:

– – – It’s easier to read the words in a domain name

– – – The domain name you want is probably available with hyphens in it

– – – Search engines can interpret every word in the domain name

– – – If another site links to you using your site as an anchor link they can better interpret your link, thus giving you a higher ranking.

I guess the main thing we need to understand is that using a domain name with hyphens is not going to hurt your website search engine ranking any. They may be a little harder for your customer to remember though.

All in all we have used both hyphenated and regular string domain names and they have both worked well for us over the years. There needs to be at least one specific keyword in your domain name, how you achieve that really isn’t relevant – use either or for your domains and you should be just fine!

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