Assessing the Real Value of an Expired Domain

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Newbie expired domain traders often find it very difficult to asses the real value of their domains. In fact, judging the real quality of an expired domain that you are thinking of buying could be a hard game. However, when you understand the basics and fundamentals of expired domain industry, how it operates and works, how you can sell a good domain to a prospective buyer and how you can extract maximum benefits from an domain expired, then it becomes possible to create a blueprint for generating a substantial amount of online income.

Knowing more about the expired domain that you wish to purchase will help you in the long run. There are several tools that come handy, while you search for a very good expired domain. Here are some of them:

Using Wayback Archive: This is an excellent utility that can help you know more about the quality of expired domain that you are planning to buy. With this tool, you can inspect how a domain looked in the past, what was the main activity, what were the products sold or what type of information provided there. Knowing about the antecedent of an expired domain will help you in designing a solid future strategy for your business.

Using Linkpop feature: This is a tool that finds out the total sum of links to other productive web sites. This is a utility that also helps you detect the number of links and incoming traffic to a domain.

Overture with and without extensions: Overture Keyword Selector Tool is an excellent tool that displays how many times a search was made in one of the major search engines for a specific period, say one month.

Google Pagerank or PR: This is yet another tool that helps you find out a particular expired domain’s commercial importance, by the total number of votes it received by links and sources from other web portals.

Alexa Ratings: This web site ranks a particular web domain by the total number of visitors to a particular web site. The user must use Alexa dotcom web site tool bar to conduct the search.

These wonderful tools come very useful and handy, when you want to assess and evaluate the quality of a particular expired domain. However, the most important factors that you must consider before buying an expired domain are:

a)Accuracy of Linkpop estimates

b)Most probable incoming traffic and links

c)Overture Keyword tool evaluation to test what advertisers are paying for targeted traffic.

d)Checking to see, if the expired domain in question provides a click through rates of about 5%. This is often the most difficult part of the exercise.

In the end, the choosiest domain is the one that provides you an excellent opportunity to extract and squeeze the best possible income. A good expired domain is also the one that provides you an excellent click through rate when you expose it to a lucrative domain parking or PPC campaign.

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