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Your domain name will reflect on your business. It should give your audience an idea of what your business is about and what its purpose is. As you grow your business, you want to be sure that you’re in control of the name. You’ll want to secure by trademarking it. This will help you gain leverage and control over your brand name.

As you purchase your domain name, you may not be certain of what extensions you need to use. A domain that is top level is very crucial for a new business website. The niche extensions can assist you to find the right customer base.

You’ll want to always go with However, some businesses are set in stone, and they may just now be looking for a domain for their business. Most likely, is already taken. This version of a domain name will usually draw more number of traffic is the default extension people are assuming.

This does not mean that if you don’t have that people will not be able to find you. If you choose the best extensions you can end up getting as much or more number of traffic as with the automatic extension that people assume. You can still build up a great number of followers while working on getting in the future.

Popular Extensions

Some of the most popular extensions, .net, .org, .us, .co .uk. ,.uk., Let’s look at some of these and what their purpose is. This will help you to determine what extensions would be appropriate for your business organization.

  • .com – This is the most popular one that people assume as default. It was created for commercial websites and has expanded to become more trendy for personal sites as well.
  • .org – This extension is for nonprofit organizations such as charities and churches.
  • .edu – An indicator of an educational institution.
  • – This serves to determine a location, as in United Kingdom. Location domains can add character and personality to your business as your customers will instantly get a sense of where your business is located. This can be great for businesses that need to only advertise in a certain region or locality.

These are not all inclusive, and there are many more extensions that are being used and that need to be researched. Plus, every few months there will be new domain extensions available. In the recent past we’ve, .biz, .me, .co, .movi, .tv, .car, .hotel.

These domain names can give you the industry that the business is in, so you can have more creativity available in branding your business. For example, if you’re running a car dealership, and your extension, you have a lot more freedom in branding, because the extension will indicate that your business is in the car industry.

It’s recommended that you grab your niche domain, even if you do already have You really don’t want anyone else branding content and messages that aren’t yours on a niche domain name. So what is the best domain extension? Of is the undeniable first choice, is also creating quite a stir. You’ll want to try to get at least, .com, .co and one in your business or industry niche. Be sure to direct them all to the same home page, and you will have peace of mind, knowing you’re working with the best extensions possible.

For me I use Go Daddy Auctions because I can find good quality brandable domain names there. I would highly encourage that you buy your domains names there and you can get some aged ones for an extra added SEO value.

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