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The most precious tip I can give you is to use common sense when registering a domain name for your business because your domain name can have an impact in both the online and offline marketing of your website. Domain names that are long or difficult to spell can make people ignore your website(or you lose type-in traffic) and it has to be pretty good for them to stick with it. Short domain names register better with people’s memory and are easy to remember.

You must get a domain name that will help you in your marketing niche and strategy, and also in branding your business name. As I said before, you can use your business name as your website URL. If your business name you want to register is already taken by someone else then get a URL name close to what you do, or if it’s a 2-word name, try a dash in between the words. Purchasing a business name domain name isn’t the only way to go. A keyword-focused domain name is also good, it helps in SEO (search engine optimization).

If you are planning to use the .net domain extension instead, you may want to wait on deciding your name should be until after you have found an available domain name that is suitable to your business. Follow the steps below and you should be okay in identifying your name brand to the internet community.

Structure The Brand Name – That is, put your domain name on your business card, printed materials; put it on your phone recording, on your company car; and anywhere else you deem right. Don’t forget to include it as a signature with your email.

Keep it Short and Memorable – It must be easy for your visitors to remember your URL so they can type it in the address bar another time. Don’t get a URL that uses all 26 letters of the alphabet.

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