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When you’re creating a business Web site, selecting a good domain name is one of the most important things that you can do. When you have the right URL, your site hits – and resulting sales – will increase. You’ll also enjoy more return visitors and repeat customers, which is rarely something to complain about.

Here are the things that you need to think about when you shop for your domain name.

A “simple” URL is a lot easier to remember than a sub-domain. You should go ahead and pay to register instead of going the freebie route with The former is easier for customers to remember, but is also more professional. Image matters, even on the Internet, so don’t be frugal where your domain name is concerned.

If the domain that is best for your business is already registered, you can attempt to purchase the domain from the current owner. There is an active secondary market in domains, and domainers are people who buy and sell domains for profit.

The address that you pick should also be descriptive. If you’re selling used auto parts, fit that into the URL. If you’re selling a specific type of parts – just radiators, for example – make sure that the URL includes the word “radiators” somewhere.

Spelling is more important than some people think. Try to avoid words that are easily misspelled. Otherwise, you’ll have quite a bit of lost traffic because people won’t find your site.

Generally, you should go for longer URLs. For instance, if your business is called Thomas Paine’s Discount Radiators, is a better choice than, which is too long. You may also want to choose a more generic domain, such as

Remember that many people will find your site via offline advertising, including word of mouth. If they hear about your URL on the radio, or see your business ad in print, they’re going to have to manually enter the address. Make this process as easy and predictable as possible for these visitors so that they’ll actually come to your site.

Your base URL – – needs to take visitors directly to the main page. The simplest address should be the starting point: otherwise, visitors will be confused and much more likely to leave.

Think about your own Web surfing habits before you select your domain name. What addresses are easiest for you to remember? Which ones are inconvenient? Ask your friends and relatives for their input as well: it’s very difficult to glean too much feedback when you’re in the planning stages.

You should also make sure that your domain name of choice won’t result in a lawsuit. Infringing on a registered business name isn’t a good idea at all.

Sometimes, people who choose business domain names unknowingly select an embarrassing double entendre. Have friends or family members look at your preferred domain name, as this can help you avoid the unintentional faux pas. If they snicker at your site name, you might consider picking something else.

A legal restriction in the U.S., called the Truth in Domain Names Act, prevents the use of misleading site names. For instance, if you intend to host adult-oriented material, you can’t use a URL that leads visitors to believe that they’re coming to a radiator parts supply.

The extension – the letters that follow the last dot – is also important. By default, most people type in “.com.” If your business is targeting an American or international audience, it is worth trying to get a decent .com domain. Each country has their own country code, and if your business is targeting a particular country, you should use the local country code. For instance, if your business is targeting India, you should get a .in or domain.

When you purchase your very own domain name, you can enjoy creating your site. You’ll have the knowledge that you’ve picked the best possible name for your business site and that, if things go well from here on out, you’ll be drawing in visitors and customers for a long time to come.

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