Buying Profitable Expired Domain Names – Part I

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If you are a newbie to the world of expired domain names, buying a good domain name is not as simple as it looks or feels. If you succeed in buying a good expired domain name, your buyers will find it an attractive option to purchase it even at a very good price. On the other hand, if you make a bad purchase, you may never be able to sell it to anyone even at very low prices. Buying expired domain names needs a lot of skills and practical knowledge. Before buying a set of domain names that are expiring soon, you may wish learn the basic tricks of locating a good name. This article provides you some of the most common problems associated with buying an expired domain name and how you can take right decisions at the right time.

Everyone keeps taking continuously about domain name extensions and their possible benefits and demerits. Almost every other country now sells domains with its own extensions. As an expired domain trader, you have a range of choices and options while buying a domain name. However, the current preference and flavor is still the dot com extensions, as most of the internet surfers have a habit of typing .com name, even though they are not sure of the actual domain name. Strangely, people never remember any other extensions, other than a name with dot com extension.

It is a blessing in disguise for most expired domain name traders as web surfers automatically type most of the time. Next to a dot com web domain name, web surfers remember .net and .org extensions. If you are not successful in buying a dot com name, you can choose a good .net expired domain name. If you are running a non profit, you can go ahead and buy a dot org name. However, you can stay clear of this name as the current demand for an expired dot org name is very low.

Of late, two other extensions, dot biz and dot info expired domain names are available for purchase with a number of expired domain traders. Several leading businesses and organizations prefer dot biz and dot info names to carry out their business activities. Another advantage with these names is that you can easily brand them by developing a theme based web portal.

There are several other international expired domain name extensions like dot ws, dot fm, dot tv and others. You may find several domain name traders trying to promote these names with glossy and shining campaigns. It is preferable to stay away from these domains, as they are actually worthless and waste of your time. Country specific domain names are also available for you to purchase. Most of the countries of the world have their specific domain name extensions and a number of them are expiring almost everyday. However, most of these names could be too restrictive to be of any real commercial value. You may also need to be the bona fide citizens of some countries to be able to buy country specific domain names.

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