Can You Make Money With Domain Flipping?

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You have probably recently heard about the domain flipping market. Domain flipping involves buying a domain name and then selling it for a higher price to make a profit. Before you purchase any guides, ebooks, etc, you probably would like to know what domain flipping entails.

Domain flipping is said to be one of the easiest online businesses at the moment. Although it is relatively easy, there are key factors in making sure you do not make a loss. The most important factor is knowing that not all domain names will pull in the profits for you.

Your key to success is finding expired domain names that purchaser’s will be interested in paying top dollar for. Domain names that involve keywords like pet, credit card, loan, date, etc. are very good places to start.

So what do you need to start your own domain flipping business. First of all you will need a find a website where you can search for expired domains. Secondly you would need to register the domains you have found with a Domain Registrar, like GoDaddy. The last step involves auctioning the domains at sites like

Before auctioning your domain names, you have the option of parking them, and you can see what sort of traffic they are getting as well as earn some revenue, while your domains are parked. What I like to do is park my domains for a week or so, and then auction them off.

Domain Flipping can bring you high ROI (Return on Investment). You can get domain names from less than $7, and sell them for anything from $100 to 1,000’s. However in order to do this you should try do as much research as you can on domain flipping. Once you put in the work, it will be all worth it at the end.

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