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The domain name is probably one of the most important things that every web site owner should consider. For a lot of people, choosing the perfect domain name is not that easy. Aside from the fact that domain names should represent the web site, these should be something that people can easily remember. As such, the domain name is as important as the web site itself.

So, how should you choose the perfect domain name then? Moreover, how should you choose the domain registrar as well?

A domain name registrar is actually any organization or commercial entity that manages the reservation of internet names in accordance with the guidelines of designated domain registries. This registrar is also accredited by a generic top level domain registry or by a country code top level domain. As such, all domains pass though this registrar, and all are supposed to be registered in this registrar too.

Fortunately, nowadays web hosting services include domain names and registry in their packages already. In other words, you can conveniently purchase domain and hosting from one place or company. However, most people find it practical if you separate these two. In other words, you should not purchase your domain and hosting from one company only. This is so because if something should happen to your web host, the domain would not be affected. In the same manner, if anything would happen to the company that holds your domain, your site would not be totally wiped out. In effect, if you separate domain from hosting, you will save time and money in the long run.

Since most beginner internet marketers are totally clueless about getting domain names and choosing registrars for that matter, the entire process just causes headaches. On the other hand, if you know some tips and secrets on how to do the entire process, it might not be that much of a hassle after all.

One of the most important tips on choosing a domain registrar that can offer you great price in the long run is purchasing a domain without any extra features. In fact, another option which you can have is registering your domain privately. A private domain is highly recommended by top marketers. Although this will certainly cost a few more bucks, in the long run you will actually get more than what you paid for.

Keep in mind that domain registration entails costs. Some are quite expensive and do not really provide good service. To ensure that you get the best services and the true value of your money, you should choose top-tier-top-rated domain name registrars because many of the other registrars are just resellers and their web site may not function correctly. More than anything else, the reliability and the credibility of the registrar is important. Thus, regardless if you pay a little more on these registrars, in the long run you actually get to save a lot. Therefore, to save yourself the hassle of transferring your domain from one registrar to the other in the future, you should beforehand choose the domain name registrar that can offer you a great price in the long run. is a Lunarpages Reviews and Lunarpages Reviews 2011 website.

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