Choosing a Domain Name, Part II

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There are many extensions available today. Many businesses will register several with their name to keep the name as exclusive as possible. Internet business names in the United States typically end in .com. Other countries have their own particular format that can be investigated through ICAAN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Some typical extensions are used to identify the particular type of entity that it represents. For instance, .org is typically used for non-profit organizations, and .edu is used by educational institutions. New extensions are being developed, and information relating to this subject can be found on the ICAAN site.

When registering your company name, use caution. Stay away from using sub-domain names. A sub-domain name might look like Not only are sub-domain names owned by the companies that issue them, the names are long and cumbersome for customers to use. The use of a sub-domain name inhibits the ability to move your site and keep the same name. While they are inexpensive, most successful businesses will outgrow these services and will have to start a new site with a new name. This will disrupt business and could cause severe financial strain. The price for domain names can be as low as $4.00 for a .biz domain, or $40.00 for a domain from China.

There are numerous dedicated domain name registrars that can be found with an online search. Check the ICAAN site to be sure the domain name registrar you have chosen is approved. Do not use a registrar who is not approved by ICAAN. This can lead to temporary or possibly permanent loss of your domain name.

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