Choosing a Domain – Why Most People Choose the Wrong Domain Name

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When starting a new online business, one of the first things you need to decide upon is your domain name or the name your website would be known as. This is also your address on the web, the identity all others would know you by; the location of your virtual office or shop.

Why Is The Domain Name Important?

Your domain name is all that is you have as an identity for your customers. Your product or service would be visible to them only after they find that website. Of course, very aggressive marketing would ensure that your product would be as popular as you want it to be. However, in order to reach your product the person would need to seek out your website and that would be possible only if he or she knew what your domain name was.

Now, take for example, you are dealing with cat food and your product is excellent. You name your domain, thekllingfields dot com after a movie you loved. Would you think that this would inspire people buying cat food from you? What if your domain name was instead bestcatchow dot com? Would it not be more appropriate? It looks obvious now that I pointed it out. But until now, you would have through that you domain name was real cool.

Why People Choose The Wrong Domain?

People generally tend to choose the wrong names because they are not aware of the critical role it plays in the success of marketing your product or service. Here are some common mistakes that you need to pay attention to when choosing a domain name:

Length of the name – keep it as short as it is possible while at the same time it should express what your website is all about; the longer it is, the more difficult would be for your prospective customers to remember it or use it

Make your brand known – use your domain to tom-tom your brand. When you mention what you are promoting in your domain name, it is easier to establish your identity with your target group

Keep it simple – do not complicate your domain name with too many symbols, hyphens, numbers because this would once again make it difficult for people to remember your domain name.

These are three basic principles that you need to follow. Most people do not out of ignorance. They feel that any name would do. This is a wrong perception. You could do a lot of harm with a wrong name, so pay attention to what you are planning to name your website.

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