Choosing A Website Name – What If I Choose The Wrong One?

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Choosing a website name is a tough decision. It is so difficult for some people that they never get their business online because they feel they will make the wrong choice.

Is there a right or a wrong way to about choosing a website name? If you don’t choose the right one, will anyone ever find your site? Has this happened to you? You have a great idea for an online business, but you never buy a domain name?

You would be surprised, or maybe not, how many people this happens to. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. I am going to give you 5 simple rules on how to choose the right domain name for your website.

Rule #1 – Your domain name should be easy to remember.

For example, if you have a business and you sell cat greeting cards, what names do you think you should look for? Well, the obvious would be This domain name is easy to remember because that is what you sell, cat greeting cards.

Rule #2 – Your domain name should be as short as possible. is pretty short. But you could shorten it to or or even Do you see what I mean? You wouldn’t want to have a domain name like That name, in my opinion, would be too long.

Rule #3 – Don’t be clever with your domain name choice.

Let me be more specific. Don’t make up fake words for your domain name or use incorrect spellings because it looks cute or different. The more difficult you make the spelling of the words in your domain name the harder it will be for people to remember it. Let me explain what I mean by that.

Let’s go back to the example of the cat greeting cards site. Let’s say that you pick the domain name This is cute (or kute) and different, but how many people would type the letter “c” instead of the letter “k”? The result? Your customers would end up on a totally different site than yours.

Rule #4 – Always use extension.

The reason behind this is that extension is universally known, unlike the .org or extensions. However, there are exceptions to every rule and I do believe that there are exceptions to this rule.

Let’s say that you live in the UK and your site is specific to the UK. Then, you would want to use a geographically specific extension to the UK. I also believe that if you absolutely cannot find the domain name that you really want with a .com extension, you should look at extensions. They are becoming more popular because so many of extensions are taken.

Rule #5 – Pick a domain name that is related to the theme of your site.

Let me show you exactly how to do this. Using your keyword tool, search for the theme of your site and then look for related words. For example, if you look for cat cards, your related keywords are Siamese cat cards, talking cat cards, unique cat cards, etc.

There are literally hundreds of related keywords for you to choose from. Consider this, when you choose a good related keyword for your domain name, this will really help you in the SEO department also.

So, can you choose the wrong domain name? No, not if you follow the rules that I have set out here. It won’t be difficult. Just remember to use your keyword tool to help you.

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