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Choosing domain names for your website is important, as the domain name that you choose is like the signpost that leads people to your site. Seeing as there are millions of websites online that may or may not be just like yours, people have no way of knowing what you are trying to promote if your domain name doesn’t make it clear. There are many things to keep in mind when trying to choose a domain name, and here are a few tips that can make the selection process easier for you:

Think of the keywords that you are using for your website, and consider using some of the keywords as your domain names. Brainstorm to come up with the top 5 keywords that will best describe your site, and play around with them to see if you can come up with some clever ways to use them as the domain name for your website.

Make sure that your domains are as unique as possible, as there are going to be many other websites that have names similar to yours. If your website is “” and someone else owns “” and “”, you may find that your potential visitors may end up visiting your competitor instead. The uniqueness of a domain name is one of the things that makes Twitter, YouTube, and eBay such successes, as no one had domain names remotely similar to these sites when they first launched.

You may be tempted to choose a .net or .biz domain if the .com name that you want is available. DON’T! You will find that most people will automatically or hit Shift + Enter to add the .com automatically when typing a website URL. Change your desired name in favor of that you can own.

Make sure that your website domain is easy to type. Most people hate using the “-” when trying to input URLs, and you should avoid using letters that are on the extreme ends of the keyboard, particularly Z, X, Q, and P. The easier it is for the people to type in your website’s URL, the easier it will be for them to visit it regularly.

Choose a name that people will remember easily. Notice how and are far more memorable than and, as their names are unique and easily memorable. If you can find a name that people will associate with your website’s “brand” in their mind, you will find that you can get far more visitors than competing sites with generic names.

Keep it short when possible, despite the fact that the short domain names are the most expensive. It may be well worth it to pay for a short domain name that is easy to type and easy to remember, as that will ensure that people will learn about your site quickly and will find it much easier to remember the URL.

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