Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Website – A Step As Important As Any Other

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Choosing a good domain name for your website is like choosing a good name for your newborn; it gives your website an identity, personality and character, and is ultimately responsible for creating value for your brand. For the perfect example, look no further than Facebook – a word that has now become a household term all around the world!

And it’s not even that hard, there are countless domain name search tools and websites out there that do this job for you!

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you’re finally realizing that lifelong dream of yours – starting your very own business! What would the first step in this process be? Giving your business an identity, a name. Regardless of whether your new venture is a brick-and-mortar business or an online one, having a website is as imperative as the business itself. You need to be very careful the name, or in other words, the domain name of your website since it will ultimately become something your business will be widely known by, and you will then be stuck with it forever. But not to worry, since there are domain name search tools that help you with this particular process.

A good domain name should be, among other things, short, memorable, easy to remember, should at a glance explain the nature of your website, and should have commercial appeal. Make sure you check for spelling errors, and any potential legal problems or copyright issues that could arise in the future, before settling for a name.

Then follows the actual process of obtaining your domain name. Fortunately for you, there are domain name search tools that can be of immense assistance with this process. You also need to determine which domain extension, or TLD (Top Level Domain) you will be going for – .com, .org, .net, etc. Using domain name search tools and/or websites will help you with finding the right name, and I personally suggest going with the good TLD.

Once you enter your desired name into a domain name search tool, it immediately tells you whether this domain is available or not. It even recommends the best cheapest places you could buy this domain from. Furthermore, these domain name search tools not only help you with finding the best-value-for-money domains, they even assist you with finding a good hosting service for your shiny new website.

Other things to consider when choosing a domain are: keeping it simple, preferably using keywords which would enhance your search engine visibility, and finally avoiding numbers or slang.

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