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What is a domain? A domain is nothing but your address on the web. This could be ‘’ or ‘’ depending on what you chose or what is best for your business. Domains are sold by companies called ‘Domain Name Registrars’. There are several of these out there, and price is of course one of the parameters while considering them. But should that be your only one? Read on to find what due diligence you need before you buy a domain from someone.

ICANN Accreditation –
ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the worldwide body that actually sells domains and monitors them. The accreditation process requires some investment, and if a domain registrar is accredited, it means that they have some minimum level of resources and plan to be around for some time. Some companies might just be ‘resellers’ and you want to stay away from them.

Domain Price –
A domain generally costs at least 7$. Anything costing less than that should raise a flag. Sometimes companies have promotions where they lower the price in bulk sales. Would someone sell you domains at a loss? No. It is a good idea to consider the $7 as a benchmark.

Customer Support –
The domain registration process is actually quite easy, but you cannot rule out the need for support. You might have a simple question, or need some doubts resolved. Checking the kind of support offered by the domain registrar is a must. Things to look for are a toll free number on their website, live chat, turnaround time etc.

Peer reviews –
Visiting forums and asking around always helps. Other people’s experiences can be valuable. If many people have negative feedback about a certain domain registrar, you should maybe steer clear.

Add-on services –
There are many additional services that you will surely need and it will be convenient if you find them in one place. You may choose to get them elsewhere, but having an option helps. I am talking about emails, web hosting, control panels etc.

These are simple things to look for. As a small business owner and long time blogger, my domains are very important to me. And I went through all the research to choose a domain registrar. I chose someone who meets all the above parameters and who also has an international presence. This means that no matter where my business expands, my domain registrar will provide the same quality of support.

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