Choosing the Right Domain Name With No Mistakes!

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Choosing a domain name may seem like the easiest thing in the world to do but after a recent joke domain backfiring on us we thought we would share our experience and offer a few points to consider before anyone else makes an equally daft mistake.

So what are these simple things to consider before committing to a domain name?

1) Is it likely to offend?

PoLR were recently commissioned to design a website for 2 young folk singers. Over our initial meeting (which involved the odd drink or two) the domain name was decided upon. Now, we thought, who wants to use the obvious solution? (their names). So it was decided that was the far funkier and fun option! It was funky and fun for all of a few weeks until it was pointed out that humor varies from country to country and that certain markets may not find it quite so witty. Ah well, back to the obvious solution then! *sulk*

2) Can it be misread?

We’ve all seen the blog posts with (unintentionally) humorous domains. Who can forget the ‘Pen Island’ company who went for or the equally unforgettable PR company,’Who Represents’ with the domain This is good for humorous emails between friends but it may not be the way you want your company to be represented online, especially if your company can absolutely not afford being misread for a slightly rude term. An example a while back being Mole Station Nursery having to change their domain completely as it used to read

3) Can it be read and remembered?

Short and sweet is the name of the game here. Say you have a domain name such as, maybe it’s memorable, maybe it describes what you do but how does it look on a business card and more importantly…will it even fit?

4) Will it belong to you?

Remember, no matter what name you choose make sure the domain registration is in your name and stop any cyber squatters from holding you to ransom for something that should be yours.

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