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In today’s internet era, it is important that individuals, businesses and organizations have an online presence. A Domain Name is your corporate identity on the internet. It shows your business presence and is recognized worldwide. Transactions will be associated with this domain name once you start to promote your business on the internet.

With a domain name, you can have a website designed and emails sent to you. Many businesses are still using free email addresses at Yahoo and Hotmail. This could impact negatively on your business. Potential clients may turn away when you give them a yahoo address as your contact address. They might think that you are a mediocre company. Claim your own domain name and separate yourself from the crowd.

For example, if your company were Jo Textiles; you could have a domain name for it like; and an email address like; You could even have an unlimited number of email accounts created for your staff.

If you wanted to have a domain name for your individual use and your names were John Stone, you could register your domain name as and have an email address like;

In signing up for your domain name, ensure that the domain name is short, simple and easy to remember. An easy to recall domain name will increase visitors to your website.

Discuss with your friends and colleagues which domain name suits your business. It is preferable though not a must that your domain name be the same as your company name.

Millions of domain names are sold daily, so register yours as soon as possible before it is taken. When you decide on particular domain name, check to see whether it is available and ensure you have a distinct domain name for your business or individual use.

There are a number of companies on the internet where you could check the availability of your preferred domain name say a .com, .net, or a .org. Some even offer free .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz names and you only pay for hosting of your domain name. Just like you buy a sim card for your cell phone and then air time or credit, you will need to host your domain name with a reliable host company. You could get reliable hosting for as low as 80 USD per year. An inexpensive cost compared to the benefits that you get from having your own domain name. Claim your domain name today!

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