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Do you have a domain name yet? If no, this is your chance to acquire a .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz address free of charge.

The cost of domain or web hosting has become economical and it is crucial that we take advantage of this by acquiring and registering domain names for our businesses and individual use.

Compared to Mobile Telecommunication; to make a call from your cell phone, you acquire a SIM card and pay for credit or airtime to your preferred cell phone company. With domain or web hosting, you register your domain name and only pay for hosting it on a reliable server where it can been reached when visitors type in your website address in their web browser or when they send you an email message.

To register your domain name, you need to approach a domain name registrar and check the availability of your preferred domain name. If it is available, you need to register it ASAP lest it be taken by some one else. In case it is unavailable, you will have to modify it and maybe include dots or hyphens and again check to see whether it is available. Once registered, you can then upload your website or configure your email addresses etc.

A .com address is the most popular and is usually registered for commercial entities.

A .net address could be for a business or for individual use.

A .org address is usually for non-profit organizations.

A .info address is usually for information purposes.

A .biz address is usually for businesses.

For example, if your business were called Malynne Cosmetics; you would register your domain name as and have an email address say

You could also have a personal domain name registered in your names e.g. If your names were Todd Martins; you would register your domain name as and have a unique email address like

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