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If you have just purchased you first domain name ready to resell or ‘flip’ it and have left it parked then you already know how easy it is to get a parked page service, you might now also realize how easy it is to develop the site. WhyPark can get you easily started in developing a full site. If you find one of your parked domains is getting good traffic, then it might make more sense to keep the domain name and develop the site. There are several things that will make a site appreciate in value. They are:

# Page Rank: The Google score that influences placement in search engines. The score is from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best score.

# One way Inbound Links: The number of links to your site can impact the value since they are a way of determining your site’s popularity and worth. It’s not just a matter of how many inbound links you have, but also of the quality of the person linking to you.

# Content: A site with unique content is worth more than one that is just serving up garbage or duplicate content.

# Marketable Niche: You will want to be in on a marketing niche that will appreciate. Selling clothing pins may make you feel light-headed, but wrack up a big zero in sales.

# Site Revenue: When a buyer asks about buying a site, they’re interested in how much revenue it generates each month. If you have no revenue to speak of, it won’t be as interesting to your buyer unless they really want the domain name for something.

Developing a site can as easy or as hard as you make it. You don’t want to spend too spend too much time making it pretty but concentrate on the above five characteristics to make it more saleable. You can pay freelancers to create unique content for your site and keep track of Page Rank and analytics with the Google Toolbar.

If you find that you are gathering enough traffic to do some retail sales or affiliate marketing, you can start to add that into the equation too. There are many different online vendors that offer canned website products that include a shopping cart, if that’s what you are interested in. However, you don’t necessarily have to develop your site to this level to get the five characteristics above to be good enough to sell for a profit.

You can actually just start to develop a marketing pipeline, with the main aim to capture as many email addresses as you can and develop an emailing list. This will help you to develop a mass emailing campaign for specific affiliate

offers or even your own products.

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