Discussing The Importance Of Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Website

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Choosing the name for your domain name (your web address or URL) is worth taking a great deal of time and research to ensure you get the right name. When you name your child you don’t rush out and name him the first name that pops into your head, you take time and think about it, and even then whilst you may like the name, often the child doesn’t.

You need to spend the same time and care that you take in naming your child, in choosing your domain name. I understand these days all the short names have either been taken up, or are extremely expensive to buy, and it is also important that you don’t take a name that people may well mistake for something else or infringes copyright or trademark.

Choosing the right domain name is as important as choosing the right niche, the right product, the right keywords, and the right content. You can have a great website, great niche, packed with the right products, and full of great content, but if no-one can find you on the Internet, because your domain name is wrong, than it has all been a dreadful watt of your time and money.

If you are selling products in a particular niche, and if you can get a keyword that describes your niche into the domain name, and if that name can have.com as the TLD, or top level domain, then you are on a winner. I understand however that it is always best to try and get the.com ending as that is what sticks in peoples mind when they are looking for you in the search engines. If your website is about a particular niche, and you can’t find a short keyword as a domain name, then do have what is called a longtailed keyword, which just means a few words or short phrase, so long as it describes what the content is all about.

One thing to watch out for is that the domain name is easy to type. I have a website up and the domain name irritates me, as I am always making typing errors. Why I ever thought that was a good name I don’t know, and to make things worse it is longer than it needed to be.

It is said that using a country TLD like.co.uk, or.co.au, is not advisable unless you are only wanting to reach people in that particular country, but I haven’t found that true, as I have used.co.uk on a website for a particular subject, the domain was the question that I wanted people who were asking that question in Google to find. But I could only get.co.uk as the TLD for it. To make things worse, Google hasn’t indexed it, but people from all over the world are finding it, so if you are wanting a particular name and can’t get the TLD.com, and can only get the.co.uk or the country you want, if you have the right content, people will find you but it may take a little time. I found that this site had very few visitors at first, however it’s only been going two months and already there are between 150 – 200 visitors a day.

Getting the right domain name is the key to your website, and should suggest what your website is all about. If you register your domain name separately to your web host you will have more control over your website. If you aren’t happy with your web host you can always transfer to another web host. There are various registrars you can use to register your domain name, Namecheap is my favourite, GoDaddy is another one I have used, but there are many others and a Google search will bring up a list.

There is one other thing to consider, some people say that if you are promoting a product that you want to incorporate the product name into your domain name, other people say that is a recipe for disaster. I don’t think it does any harm to incorporate the product into your domain name, especially if you are fortunate enough to have ‘review’ tacked on, or something of a similar ilk, because it will help in getting your website more highly ranked. But putting hyphens or numbers into the domain name can make that name harder to give over the phone, and can create mistakes or confusion over it.

That concludes this article about the importance of choosing the right domain name, I do hope it has been of benefit to you.

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