Do Domain Extensions Matter for Your Business?

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A common question asked when someone is in the process of buying a domain name is, “do domain extensions really matter?” It is something to really think about because the domain name you chose will be associated with your business for its lifetime. One thing people worry about is whether any other extension but .com will affect traffic coming to your site. While Google and other search engines do not discriminate against domains like .biz and .us, having a .com domain does make it a lot easier for SEO purposes and also gives your website more credibility.


Although there are no penalties for having a domain extension that is not .com or .net, it does make things more difficult in regards to SEO. The next time you are doing a web search, look at the domain names listed in the search results and you will notice that almost all of the domains are either .com, or possibly .net. Every so often you may see a domain extension like .us or .biz, but a majority of the time it is one of the main two. One of the reasons why domain is better for SEO is because people link to it more often. One of the keys to SEO is link building, and having a .biz or .us extension makes it harder to get referrals and backlinks because it seems hold more recall value.


Having domain does give your website a lot more credibility than a .biz or .us domain. The reason is because these two domains are the norm and are thought of as the standard of domain names. The other extensions on the other hand can sometimes be looked upon as not holding the same value in the consumers’ eyes. It is all about trust, and people more than any other domain name extension.

What you should do?

If possible, you should try to get a domain name that ends with, but like we said earlier, it is tough right now to find any good domains left that end with that extension. The thing to remember though is if you cannot get a .com domain, you can still have a successful website with .biz, .us or any other type of domain extension. The key, with any website, is creating content that your visitors will find interesting, and continually optimizing your site for SEO. If you create content with value, no one will ever care what extension you are using!

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