Do You Really Need a Dot Com (.com) Domain Name? Maybe Not!

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Many people are of the opinion that a dot com (.com) domain name is essential if you want to build an internet presence but I am going to show you that may not really be the case if you are not based in America or wanting to do business in America.

Firstly what is the purpose of your website? Is it to blog about your favorite topic, is it to give valuable information, is it to sell products as an affiliate marketer or is it to promote your business? By answering these questions you will be on your way to choosing your domain name.

For example if you are going to blog about Persian Cats because that is your favourite topic, then get a domain name with Persian Cats in the domain name.

What country is your target audience in? While most people say that site is most important I tend to disagree if your target audience is not the US or it is country specific. Why do I say that?

Depending on the country you are in will depend on the search results. If the person searches uses Google they will automatically be directed to the Google search page for that country and the search results are different results from each of the country Google searches.

For example I did a Google search for “buy a domain name” (without the “” around it) in (US) (UK) (Canada) (Australia) and (New Zealand)

Out of the five searches from the 5 different search engines and only looking at the top 5 results there is not one site that appears in all five search engine results. Only one site is in three result pages and three sites are in two search results.

The rest of the results are specific for that country only. In the Australia search result for the top 10 there is only name – the rest

Therefore in a total of 25 search results (top 5 from 5 search results) 9 show up more than once and 16 are all unique.

So why are so many sites and people promoting that you need domain name? Probably because they are based in the US where domain name is very important and they do need domain name or they have not looked into this issue to find out if they really need domain name.

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