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Where do I buy the domains from? What makes a good domain name? What is domain parking? How will I make money from this?

Are you interested in making money from small $5 investments? Are you interested in owning internet real estate that could be the next worth millions? Then this article is for you. I will explain to you the basics of owning a piece of that internet pie. Some of the tools, tips, and tricks of the trade that I have learned over time. Use my mistakes and my successes as a spring board to your own successes. Enter the world where dreams are made, clicks become your profit.

First comes the research. In this stage of the game it is your goal to research the many variable aspects of domain buying. There are multiple ways to make money from domains. One way is to buy and sell domain names. Another way is to park domains for ad clicks. Research is the most important aspect to domains as it is the difference between you buying to something useful like understanding the market is key.

Another important aspect to domain resale is the tools. You will need to find tools to conduct your research. There are many tools on the web related to domains. Such as domain appraise tools, current domain expiration lists, current top domains, and estimation bots of a new domains worth.

One of the last things to look into is how do domains make money. Here are the two biggest ways a domain will make you money. They are both very different in nature and require different aspects of research. What may be a good resale domain may not be the best parking domain and vice versa.

Buying domains with the intent to resell is one of the biggest ways to turn a $6 investment into a $10,000 profit. In this category your goal is to purchase domain names which will have a mass market value based on there size, keywords, and marketability. One good example of this are the domains. As a type in (“type in” refers to a name that would be directly typed into the address bar, not searched for) might not get the most hits but as a a resale domain it is worth A LOT. So remember that while doing research ask yourself do I want to park domains or do I want to buy/sell domains?.

The other way to make money from domain names is to park them. In this aspect you look for different variables then you would for the selling market. When you park a domain you want to receive the most amount of traffic possible. Therefore your domains should be ones that are easy to spell, easy to remember, and something someone might “type in” to a URL bar. Most parked domains receive money when its name is typed into the URL. Therefore where might me not so good for a domain as a reseller it fits in well with domain parking as it could be a common mistype while trying to reach

This was just the dipping of your feet into the world of domains. If you would like more information you can find a full written guide below.

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