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Are you just getting into the lucrative market of flipping domains for profit? If you are you will want to read this. Selling an information product on how to buy and sell expired domains for quick profit could be profitable for you but you need to know what this entails first before you create your information product.

Domain flipping

Domain flipping, ie. the process of locating, purchasing and reselling expired domain names can be easy but it can also be a financial disaster if you don’t know a few very important facts.

I started in the domain flipping business out of curiosity – I just wanted to see if it was as easy as people involved claimed it was. My conclusion is this. It is easy to get started and easy to make profit. Its even easier selling info products on it (audios, videos etc) There’s nothing technical about it and if you have about $100 you can get started (you can start for less as well). Now to the big issue which may seem pretty obvious:

Not all expired domains are profitable

On occasion, an apparently attractive, high-keyword-related domain name may purposely be given up by the former owner. The first question is why someone would ever do this.

It’s potentially because the domain name may have been tagged by key major search engines as being a “SPAM site.” When you buy this kind of expired domain name you inherit the problem straight away.

It’s happened to me more than once before I got wise, so I know what I’m talking about. If you unfortunately purchase a “problem” domain name like this then you’ve just have made a bad financial mistake.

As soon as a site is tagged as being spam site by the key search engines it’s going to be banned from most search engine results. Assuming you want to buy and sell the domain name or potentially make it a kosher site, it’ll stay banned from the key search engines and I’m not sure there’s much you can do about it.

Anyone with more information on this is free to share their route to liberty!

As soon as you locate potential expired domain names that you’d like to add to your vre (virtual real estate) portfolio, its critical that you establish the history of the domain name. You can do this by typing the domain name into Google for instance. This will instantly allow you to establish if it was banned from popular search engines or it has been a spam in another life.

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