Domain Investing – Eight Reasons to Just Worship Generic Keyword Domains

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It must be coming up for nearly 15 years since the Internet was officially launched and would you believe that there are still certain marketing guys out there who just don’t grasp the importance of a private domain name. As though it was just a matter of putting a site together with some good content, starting up a blog, creating a few links and creating a couple of camtasia vids. Right, that is going to really help Google pick us out from the rest, although of course it would be nice if that were the case.

Some people though are just born lucky and will manage to get credibility from Google and make it to a number one ranking. It may seem all rosy at the beginning as the site gets regular traffic, the mailing list grows and branding projects put into place. Now the problem with a poor generic keyword domain at this stage is that a poorly created domain name just won’t stick, people forget it if it is not related to your particular niche and the negative turn begins.

Back in the .com era you may recall the case of who went on to finance an over the top publicity campaign with their unfortunate investors money totaling millions of dollars. I find it just amazing how people could believe in a poor domain name. You could probably recall this incident if you thought hard enough.

Anyway, if you were sick or on leave or something these guys running were actually branding their domain site at the action sports fans and quite happy to spend top dollar. They were obviously blind or something but they aren’t alone as there are so many people that invest in domain names that just aren’t relevant to their product. That really is the key to success, it is a domain name that has been made to fit the product.

I really would have thought that having such a great publicity budget they could have bought a better domain name like or something close to that. They were absolute twats but fortunately for us we know a lot more now. The most beneficial side of keyword domains is best expressed through the following points;-

1. Make it bleeding obvious what your domain site is promoting so for example a site dedicated to pest infestation would do well with a name like and I guarantee traffic will come.

2. A golden rule is business is to pay attention to your competitors and with domain names you have the advantage with absolute keyboard control. You can just block out competitors as they are forced to pay big bucks for secondary keywords as you have the top keyword in your own domain name.

3. This is where we begin to see the importance of branding as there is part of the consumer society that won’t buy anything else but brand products from Generic keyword domains. So straight away we will have part of the consumer society just queuing up to get our product.

4. Type-in traffic gets benefits: The majority of keyword domain names will receive regular traffic but a few do really well out of it receiving literally 100s of daily visitors. An interesting fact at this point would be to let you know that people who use their address bar instead of their search bar to navigate on the web will be more likely to buy, so your conversion rate will be given a helping hand.

5. Google, Yahoo and most search engines will help their users by sending them to pages that are relevant to their search so the keyword “digital cameras” would probably find the domain name on the first Google page. This type of traffic generation will literally bring in thousands of visitors to that domain name site.

6. Park your domain: If you want to hold on a bit before you develop the site there is no need to worry as there are plenty of different ways to reap high benefits from a good generic keyword domain.

7. A safe investment: It has been seen that over the last few years generic domains as an investment have had better results than even the stock market, real-estate, bonds, and overall inflation. Presidents of major companies are now just seeing that the power of a generic name has converted it’s role in marketing into being the backbone of companies that seek continued growth.

8. Virtually cost free: The price for the domain is just $10 per year so you will soon be dreaming keyword domains…Domainers only need concentrate on generic keyword names and push to one side fad offers such as LLL.coms, brandables, and numeric names. These may appear to be attractive offers but they lack in “real word” staying power.

– These alternative investments just don’t toe the line with generic keyword domain names as they just don’t have any keyboard power, so just blank those other alternatives out of your mind.

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