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Choosing a domain name is not an easy task. It is confusing and needs lot of thinking process. What makes it harder is the experts suggestion of not using your company name as your domain name, unless you own fortune 500 company. They suggest instead selecting a keyword rich domain name. Are search engines that particular about domain names as well? When this question is popped out, I’d say the new blooming companies are the unlucky ones because most of the popular key phrases are already booked by other aged companies. So what is the solution for this then?

Let me mention few of the web rulers who have not mentioned their key words in their domain name: Google, Yahoo! MSN. They don’t seem to use key phrases at all. So if they are not using it and believe in their individual names, then I don’t think anyone is doing any wrong by not using key word rich domain name. I am quite sure they are into SEO just as much as anybody else in the world of internet, but they have used their own strategies to be popular and gained the recognition in this competitive internet space. So instead of wasting time on choosing the perfect keyword rich domain name, focusing on other marketing medium will be a clever idea.

You can start your website with your own company name. My suggestion will be to use a short and a simple domain name which is easy to remember. Instead of Yahoo! if they’ve used I don’t think the visitors will actually make an effort to remember the name or may be they’ll type the address wrong and land up in a different site. So name, my friends is very important, like John is a much easier name to remember than Klovesky.

Besides the domain name, the key area to focus is the content of your site. The content of your website should be relevant and readable, not just anything stuffed with keywords. As long as the visitors understand what you are selling, impressing the search engines is not quite important.

You can get your word out by submitting press releases, advertising in classifieds, getting the word out with your own blog, directory submission, search engine submission etc. There are so many forms of advertising these days that without relying on the search engines itself you can drive more traffic to your website. The more traffic you get the more you’ll be liked by search engines.

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