Domain Name Guide for An Internet Marketer Newbie

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Registering a website domain name is highly important to build the credibility of a website and consequently that of the Internet marketer’s. If you are new to Internet Marketing, you need to consider a lot of technical matters before you can definitely say that you’re in. For an internet marketing newbie, he/she should understand the importance of having a good domain name.

The Internet marketing arena poses a great competition. If an Internet marketer fails to factor in all the aspects of Internet marketing that will help in building credibility, he or she will be left behind. One of the simple but effective way of having a headstart is learning about the value of a good website domain name. The value of a domain name is almost how a person should value his or her name. It will help immensely in making a website easier to catapult into popularity.

Now what are the ways you can do to get a good domain name? For Internet marketing newbies out there, here are some tips and suggestions you can follow to acquire the best domain name that will suit your company’s brand and overall marketing strategy.

First, you need to understand what a domain name is all about. A domain name is actually a name that will identify IP addresses. Here is an example – presents a lot of IP addresses. For one to be able to know about the exact Web Page, a person is going to use the domain name in a URL. A URL, for those who do not know yet is Uniform Resource Locator; it identifies the site’s file location on the Web. It looks like this,, so the domain name here is

Domain names have suffixes such as the following:

• com – for commercial business

• org – for organizations (nonprofit)

• edu – for Educational institutions

• gov – for government agencies

• net – for network organizations

• mil – for military

These are some of the suffix used to indicate the TD or the top level domain. For an internet marketer, the most used suffix for domain names is the .com, this suffix means that it is mainly for commercial business.

Now that you have the basic knowledge of a domain name, the second thing you need to know is how to find a good domain name.

Think of a name that will tell what really the content of your site is. Think about what kind of products or service you are promoting, and then you can decide what domain name will fit your site. Something brandable and easy to recall is your best bet here. This, of course, depends on whether you are getting a domain name for your business or for websites that you’d like to flip or develop then sell.

Remember that you should think of a domain name that is short as much as possible. Long names are a major no no since people who get to your site through type-in means or what they call direct visitors are supposed to easily recall your site’s domain name. Examples of domain names that are short and easy to recall are, and Aside from being really short, they comply with the tip about a domain name that describes the content, products or services that the site offers.

Consider making the name as simple as you can. Avoid using underbars or hyphens; this might confuse potential visitors. You might lead them to a rival’s site.

After you have decided for the name, check its availability. Web hosts and domain registrars usually provide this service. If in case the is not available, there are still possible extensions you can use such as .org or .net.

Make at least two plans for your domain names. If Plan A does not work out, you still got Plan B on the side. If the name you have chosen is already taken, then you can choose other names that sound good for your website too. The key here is to make at least five different domain names so there will be an alternate.

If in case no plans worked, you can still get that domain name, but the thing is, you are going to buy them from the original owner. You can track the owner by pointing your browser to this site Make sure you got a good deal of money since the owner would not let you buy it for a cheap price.

Lastly, register the domain name you have chosen or bought. But make sure that the name you have chosen does not break any trademarks. If it is ok with the trademark laws, then it is now ready for registration. You should look for an accredited domain registrar or web host representative.

The price for registering the domain name varies; it could either start from 8 to 37 dollars. So you better check those domain name registrars and web hosts and look for the one who will just ask you a cheap price.

So internet marketer newbie out there, these are some of the tips you can follow to get the best domain name for your website. Domain names are very important for your growing business, so decide for the best name and make it something that people will find worthy of recall.

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