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There are several services available on the web where you can easily create your own website and then host it without having to pay any charges. Now, this is a great idea for a personal page.

However, if you own a business or provide some services, a free website and hosting service may not be able to help you a lot. Hence, it is very necessary to have your own domain name (DN).

This can be easily referred to as a website address to your business that is very easy to remember. You must be having a street address of your own for identity. Similarly, it is of great importance to have a web address for your business or service.

You cannot exist in the World Wide Web without having one. Most of the domains are formatted as mentioned below:



Now, what really exists behind a domain is an IP (Internet Protocol) address in numeric form such as:

Here, each number is separated by the dots and can easily range from 0 to 255. You cannot ask your potential or existing customers to visit something like 255.210/52.12 to get an idea of what latest you are offering to them. Here comes the importance of having a web identity that can be easily memorized.

Here are some potential reasons to have a domain name of your own:

a) This provides your business, its niche identity on the World Wide Web. Your web address can become a valuable brand name for you. You may also want to memorize your web address and then use it regularly for all your business transactions.

b) It protects your name. Your competitors cannot use it. You may not approve of somebody else using the same name of your business and infringing the quality of your products or services. DN registration is a great way to protect your web identity from others.

c) Having a DN of your own will make it very easy for your potential clients to find you out and then remember you for long.

d) When you advertise your personal name in the printed media, you are giving your business, a more professional look. Your company brochures and letterheads would get professional via using your own domain.

e) If you have a DN for your company with related keywords, you can get good ranking on search engines. This indicates that you are in a better position when it comes to search results. This way, you would get more customers.

f) Once you get a name for yourself, it is with you for keeps. All you require to do is to maintain a minimum registration fee on a yearly basis.

g) You can easily utilize your DN for hosting your electronic mailing address. This looks more professional.

h) When you own your domain names, your website automatically gains credibility. In case, you run a business on your website, your visitors will be definite about your credibility.

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