Domain Name Profits – Check Out Site Flipping (Part 2)

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We can logically see that people always type in the words of what they are looking for like cell phones in this case but you can bet they will type in repeatedly and it’s a great way of reducing advertising costs for this domain name type.

Quality has not effect on your site’s traffic. Banners and pop ups have no negative effect on traffic. A high price range product will not deter traffic. The quality of the site content won’t even stop traffic coming. The reason is that the actual domain name is that powerful that it alone will send your site traffic. I would highly recommend that you would do the opposite though to get better conversions.

Direct Navigation occurs when somebody types in the dot com site directly into the search box and this type in traffic accounts for half of all internet traffic. Obviously most people are typing in the search engine names like Google, but even so 20% are not. Earlier on in the year I was at a seminar in Las Vegas and we dealt we the influence of user habits on traffic and I really learned just how important this new found knowledge was going to make me a whole load of money.

Get this – 1) Searches done in the address bar add up to a staggering 31% of every single search. 2) A moderate 28% of address look ups are carried out in the search bar. People just have no idea on how to use the dam internet, but that allows us Domainers to reap the benefits. Did you know why “” heads the searched terms list? I wonder why.

The visitor value of a site like would reach around 125,000 direct visits per month so what would they have to do with such domain name power to reach 6 figure net monthly profits? Well they would only need to put in place a well run affiliate program on one side and then pay about a dollar for “cell phones” as a keyword. That it not a lot of effort to turn a domain name into a million bucks a month.

If you added to the power of this domain name to a high street business that sells cell phones, then you would probably be able to increase sales up to 3 million dollars per month. What power domain names can have on a business like which is worth a seven figure number. We can now see how important it is for domain names to be part of a perfectly structured business plan. Investment-grade keyword domains are responsible for this e-commerce powerhouse that can pay great dividends, gives you a monthly income and right up until you decide on selling your web site.

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