Domain Name Purchase – A Few Tips For Newbies

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There are many different reasons why you would want to make a domain name purchase. Some people do this as the first step of their Internet business, while others wait until after they have a better grasp of their business strategy, plan and direction. Whenever you decide to do it, at some point you will have to purchase your domain name. And while the process is actually very straightforward, the choices that you make can be quite complex. Here is a basic rundown on your purchase, domain name features and choices that you have available to you.

In order to find your domain name, you should first run a search to make certain that the name you have chosen is available. Many people are surprised, especially if it is their first time purchasing a domain to find that many names are unavailable. In fact, at one particular time, up to 80,000 of these domain names were being sold on a daily basis. It didn’t take long until almost all of the good one and two name domains were taken. Fortunately, there are always options.

One of the best things that you can do when deciding on a domain name is to be a bit creative. Of course, if you are attempting to have your domain name match an existing business, purchasing a domain with your business name in the URL is very important.

If, however, you are starting a new business on the Internet, you might find that coming up with a catchy domain name far outweighs having one that is descriptive in nature. Think of the website “”, for example. That particular name has nothing to do with searching the Internet, but through smart and clever branding, the name “Google” is now synonymous with Web search.

One of the next things you’re going to have to decide is if you are going to get a .com, .net, .org or any of the other available extensions. If you plan on branding your name in one way or another, you most certainly should look for a .com as it is the most widely recognized domain name extention. Going back with our example of Google, many people will tell you that they went to Google, not that they went to The extension is simply understood. Unless it is absolutely necessary, you may want to stay away from the less recognized extensions, such as .info or .biz.

Once you have finally found the domain name that you plan to use, purchasing it is a simple matter. You only need to choose a domain registrar and then register your new domain through them.

Your domain may be purchased for as little time as one year, up to 10 years or more in advance. However, for several reasons we won’t go into here, purchasing the domain for at least a three-year term is recommended.

All that is necessary from the point of purchasing your domain, is to direct it to your Web server and then upload your website. From there, you will continue to work your business from behind the scenes and build your way to success.

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