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Registrars for domain names are commercial organizations that have special credits from the organization known as ICANN, as well as the gTLD registry. This stands for “generic top level.”

The purpose of a registrar for domain names is to make money by interfacing between someone who wants to register a new domain and the actual organization in question like ICANN. This means that whenever you want to get a site online such as anything with “.com” on the end, you’ll need to go through a registrar for domain names.

There are several different prominent companies that focus on this kind of industry online. This allows you the ability to choose between which ones you like. It can help to pick the registrar you want based on price and what sorts of needs you have, for example.

While it is possible to register a domain yourself for a small amount of money by going directly to ICANN in some situations, you generally get added protections when you go in through a registrar for domain names.

This is because these registrars often have programs that allow you to keep your information safe. Another important consideration is how you’re going to hose the site that you register. Registrars in many situations often have the added benefit of giving you a package deal in regard to hosting.

Merely registering a site isn’t enough to get it online in a way that other people can view. You need to host the site as well. This makes it visible online and allows bandwidth to be used through the site. This can include any pictures people download off your site, and so on.

Certain companies working with domain names have deals regarding hosting if you register through them. This allows you to get both the registration and the hosting with one service. It can be a hassle to try to go to a different company for each service you need, the registration and the hosting, so having a package deal for both can be quite convenient.

Avoiding Scams

It’s important to avoid scams when looking for a registrar to register your site online. You can generally do this by checking the reviews for the site in question. Major registrars will have plenty of reviews and they will generally be if not positive, at least not incredibly negative.

Individuals on the Internet will generally provide reviews for each other when it comes to registrars to help protect one another from scams that are set chiefly to steal information form you.

As long as you can keep an eye out for anything that looks like it might not be legit online you should be able to avoid such scams. This is also a goo general Internet principle.

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