Domain Name Registration: A Guide To Find Your Own Online Place

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Finding the most affordable domain name registration service which also includes superior service, can be a difficult challenge. The market has been flooded with many new competitors, and it can be tough to determine who you should do business with. While you probably want to save money, you need a business which has a reputation for excellence as well. The good news is, three names have emerged from the crowd – Dynadot, GoDaddy and 1&1. To help you discover the different benefits and features of each of these options, let’s examine each one in turn below.

Before we delve into your domain name registration options, an overview of the process might be helpful. If you are new to creating your own internet site, reserving your address is the first step. This is referred to as your domain, and it gives you a unique place online to call your own. Picking out a compelling or appropriate name is important, as this will be what your visitors see first. This may take some creativity on your part, as often times you will find the most common domain names for your specific topic have already been purchased. One excellent method for avoiding this problem, is to use a different type of domain for your needs. How does this work? Rather than choosing domain name registration, you will select a less popular option such as .info, .org, .net or .biz instead. This can give you the chance to pick the name you desire most, and which is most focused for your area.

Now that we’ve seen the basic process in action, you may be wondering which company to use. First on the list of excellent services, is the trustworthy company Dynadot. One of their cornerstone values is upfront pricing, so you always know how much each service will cost. Doing business with such a reputable partner can put your mind at ease, as you won’t have to worry about hidden expenses or overcharging. How much is their domain name registration? For name you’ll pay less than $10 per year, which is one of the lowest prices in the industry. They can offer this level of savings, as they are almost fully automated and they pass their lower costs onto you.

Also, Dynadot offers many powerful features included standard in their registration package. This includes free domain parking, forwarding or stealth forwarding options. This gives you greater flexibility, and each allows up to ten separate email accounts as well. They provide a free DNS as well, which offers twenty sub-domain records, the capability to set name servers and the choice to change domain ownership free of charge. Finally, they will give you a single page of hosting with no added fee.

Not only does each domain name registration come with these excellent features, they include powerful management tools as well. Once your account has been opened, you’ll be able to control your name servers and shield your personal information. Also, updating your domains is easy and efficient, with Dynadot’s bulk modification menu options. You can prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access as well, by locking your domain. Further, you are afforded the ability to transfer domains to another Dynadot account, if you have more than one. Finally, organization is easy with the available folders for file storage. With each of these tremendous options offered free of charge, Dynadot is one of the best choices for powerful domain management.

When it comes to domain name registration, your second available choice is 1&1. This company is one of the most trusted names in the business, and their service is excellent. Yet, they are priced competitively as well, with many specials currently offered. At the moment, domains will cost you only $7.99 for a full year. You’ll save even more with a registration, as this is only $4.99 currently. This is one of the best prices available today for this popular option, so you would be well-served to consider this service. Finally, if you prefer website, you’ll pay an amazing $0.99 for your first year! Also, unlike some other options, the ICANN Fee and Private Domain Registration costs are included.

Further, 1&1 provides valuable services with each package, including a five page website builder to help get you started. This is a terrific solution if you have limited computer skills, but don’t want to pay someone to design your site for you. You’ll also receive an email account with a high 2 GB storage limit, and 24/7 customer service. Not only does 1&1 offer all of these features, they are focused upon being ecologically responsible as well. Their green initiative will help to save an astonishing 30,000 tons of CO2 emission each year. They are experienced as well, with over 11 million domain name registrations across the globe. 1&1 is a leader in this industry, and therefore makes an excellent partner for your online needs.

Finally, GoDaddy also provides a quality domain name registration option as well. With domain offered for $9.99 per year, they are an affordable selection when compared to the other two above. Yet, they are currently running a special promotion, websites are half price for a limited time! This represents a significant value, and can decrease your upfront costs for setting up your web page. They offer many free extras as well, including their InstantPage Website Builder, which you can use even if you have no technical skills. You’ll simply select a theme from the preloaded options, add text or photos and then you’re finished. Also, GoDaddy will host your single page site free of charge, making it affordable to get started. You’ll have control over every aspect of your domain name server (DNS), with records, sub-domains, FTP, email and more at your fingertips. Finally, you’ll be given a personalized email account to use in conjunction with your new domain, for complete integration.

So, in summary, when searching for a superior domain name registration service, Dynadot, 1&1 and GoDaddy are excellent options. Not only do they offer an affordable price and quality service, they provide many powerful administrative tools and useful extra features. You can easily register, build your website and upload it, making the entire process fast and easy. So, why not reserve your domain name today, and begin building your own place online?

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