Domain Name Registration – How To Protect Yourself From Spam

November 24, 2011 by  Filed under: Domain 

Many people that register new domain names are often surprised to find themselves plagued by spam. Unscrupulous viral marketers and scammers often try to probe domain registration information in order to locate new email addresses. Today, there are a number of services you can take advantage of in order to prevent this problem.

First, you can sign up for domain registration protection services. For an additional fee, the domain registrar will replace your information with their own. In this way, even if someone does a ‘whois’ search on your domain name, they will not be able to locate your email address or other personal information. This is also very useful if you are concerned about preventing cyber stalkers and other criminals from learning more about you.

In some cases, a domain registrar will not protect your email address. Unfortunately, once you register the domain, you cannot immediately transfer it to a registrar that will protect this information. In these cases, it is best to simply use a disposable email address for your domain. As an example, you can obtain a free email address from numerous providers.

The email address listed on your registration information must be valid so that individuals can contact you about your domain, or information located there. You will need to check in from time to time in order to see if anything there is worth your attention. While some strategies for preventing spam may seem like a bit of inconvenience, they are better than having your primary email address inundated with spam.

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