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I wonder how many people take buying the “correct” domain name so seriously that they take the fun away. Then by turning what is really not that big of a deal into a huge ordeal people take much too long to take the first step into Internet marketing which is buying a domain name.

Okay, so I do agree that when you buy a domain name it should have some relevant meaning. If you are going to have a website about training a Golden Retriever then by all means, find a domain name that gives your possible customer a clear understanding by your domain name that she or he has found the right place.

If you are new to online marketing you will find so much training on how to find the right domain name. For example: someone may give you a formula that talks about finding a domain name that has a “decent” amount of visitors but not so much competition so that you can beat your competition without too much work.

Well, in my humble opinion, that could take you a few days to figure out and even after all your hard work and research you very well may still wonder if you have the correct idea on what to buy for your domain name.

So, let’s make it simple shall we? First of all let me tell you that if you are going to try and get “free” traffic by getting on the first page of Google, it is much simpler to get “pages” on the first page of Google than “websites”.

It makes sense doesn’t it? If you are going to have a website on training Golden Retrievers, you are going to have different pages that contain different trainings right? For example; one page may be on house training a puppy Golden Retriever while another page may be training a puppy not to chew.

So, the title of your different pages are going to be important to your success when it comes to getting that page on first page of Google not so much your domain name.

Google does want relevance for your domain name. So let’s say that I was going to have Golden Retriever training on my website, I could very well have my domain name be

The name is easy to remember and the domain name has relevance. It is easy to find and I did not spend days on finding a domain name.

Now, I am not saying to do all of your domains that way, what I am trying to say, is don’t waste a lot of precious time on finding the greatest domain name.

It is all about working smarter not harder.

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