Domain Name Suggestions – Selecting the Right Name for Your Website

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When you set up a website, your internet identity is based on the domain names you choose. If you choose the wrong name, it could end up hurting your website. What can you do to ensure you choose the best possible web address? Follow these important tips as you make this important decision.

Check Out Top Keywords

One of the suggestions to follow when trying to choose domain names is to check out top keywords that are related to your website. Come up with some phrases and terms that help to describe the domain you want. After coming up with several keywords that apply to your site, you should choose a name that incorporates one of those keywords.

Ensure the Name is Unique

Another important tip for selecting domain names is to ensure the name that you choose is unique. You don’t want your site to somehow be confused for another site that is very popular. Do not go with domains that are misspelled, plural, or hyphenated versions of any other name that is established. You don’t want to lose your website traffic to the other website.

Keep it As Short As Possible

Keeping your domain as short as possible is another big suggestion to follow. You may be able to register up to 63 characters with some places, but that is far too long. Domain names need to be short enough for people to easily remember, since they need to be able to type it to find your site. Usually it’s best to keep the name less than seven characters for the best results.

Go with Easy to Remember Names

You’ll also want to select domain names that are easy for people to remember. Try to come up with a name that is memorable. You want your name stuck in the head of those who plan to use your website. Even if you have a great site, people won’t be able to tell others about your site if they’re never able to remember the name of it. Spend some time brainstorming good names that sound great and come easily to mind.

Try to Use Your Company Name

Using your company’s name within the name you choose is also a great suggestion to keep in mind. You’ll want the company name to be the name if possible. Most people will start looking for the name of your business if they are trying to find your site, which means it’s a good idea to use the company name within the domain names that you choose.

These suggestions can definitely help you make a wise decision when you’re trying to choose domain names for your website. Looking at keywords, ensuring the name is unique, and keeping the name short is important. Using your company name and a website name that is easy to remember will only make it easier for you to get people to your site.

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