Domain Names And The Right Keywords

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The Importance of Using the Right Keywords

To find the right keywords for your site is much easier if you have a Google Account, you will need this account for your Analytic data and Web-Master tools anyway so if you haven’t set your account up yet, now is the time.cThe Google Page you want is Google AdWords, and once there the information you need to use is explained clearly for you to follow.

Do not be afraid to experiment with different Keywords for your site, but make sure that whatever you choose closely relates to what your Website is all about.

The whole point of this exercise is to find out how many searches there are for your given Keywords in a month, this will then give you an idea of how popular your Website could be.

Remember searches are potential visitors to your site, the happy medium here is to get Keywords that bring you visitors with the least competition.

Also on this page, you input the geological area that you want your Website targeted for, unless you have something you want to concentrate on locally I would recommend you to go for the biggest catchment area, thereby appealing to more visitors.

Here it is worth pointing out that unless you want to pay, which is costly for Keywords, you are just looking up information. So do not take your query any further.


Go to Google AdWords,

Lets say your Website is about dancing, Lets rumba to the number, is what you want to call your site.

Look up Lets rumba to the number in keywords,

How many searches made for these keywords a month?,

Is the competition high, low or medium?

Once you have this information, leave the page or try again.

It is very rare that a Website domain name is vastly different to the keywords you should choose to use. The whole point of this is trying to connect your Website with the correct keywords, so that when someone puts in a search for, Lets rumba to the number, your Website will appear on the first page that comes up.

Finding keywords for your Website with the fewest keywords for the least competition is what you are after. So taking, Lets rumba to the number, we could try the keywords, Lets rumba, and see what information Google give us, if the competition is too high then using, Lets rumba to the number, might be better.

But it is here that you should make sure that there are searches made for this phrase, not checking will leave you with a Website and no visitors.

You may think that when choosing your Domain Name and keywords that someone else has already thought of them, often this is true which is why it is so important to do your homework first, following my advice here will leave you with the correct information to go forward with confidence.

Let me just end this review by saying that there are often great short Domain Names that you can pick up, these can often be found when the original owner has failed to use the name properly and then puts the Domain Name back in the marketplace, so make sure to have a good look around for the Website name of your choice.

Showing you how to set up and configure your own Website properly, Sometimes the things we do should be simple, not hard.
I wish you success, Mark.
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