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Are you trying to figure out how to make a website? The mechanics of this process can be a bit confusing, even for the most computer literate individuals. Thankfully, there are several online programs you can use free or for a modest charge that will take you step by step through the process. However, the one area of website building that does not seem to get a great deal of attention is choosing and finding the right domain name.

Domain Names

A domain name is basically your address for online real estate, yet unlike the real world where people might drive down the street and find your business, the internet is a vast place and routing traffic can be a nightmare. Your first line of defense for getting people to your site will be finding the right domain name. No matter how good your instruction on how to make a website may be, if no one can find you what was the point?

In the early days of the internet finding catchy, easy to remember dot com domains was easy. Today, this is rarely the case. Single word dot coms are pretty much non-existent and the longer the name the harder it will be for people to remember it! This has left more than one would be website owner in a pickle.

Rules of Engagement

In order to find the right domain name and secure it, you need to keep some basic rules in mind. Here is a couple to get you started:

Keywords are big when it comes to online traffic, what will people type into the search engine to find sites similar to your own? While it is very important that you understand this is just the tip of the iceberg when talking about search engine optimization, finding a domain name that includes a hot search topic is a nice starting point. There are several online tools that can help you determine which phrases or words are getting a lot of monthly searches.

Keep it simple; do not try to snatch your favorite keyword phrase domain by adding hyphens or numbers in place of words. This can work, but only in a limited fashion because people will forget or become confused when trying to remember the domain name. If you are selling, car parts you would probable love to get your hands on cars dot com, which is highly unlikely but do not compromise by choosing carz dot com.


How to make a website is a question asked by thousands of people each and every day. The answers to the question will vary depending on your goals, skills and budget. One thing that is not variable is choosing the right domain name. If you get the domain name right, you will find the rest will often fall into place.

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