Domain Names Free Privacy – Protect Your Privacy When You Register a Domain Name

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Are you worried about your privacy online when starting a website? You should be. When you register domain names – free privacy settings from your registrar can protect you from spam, prying eyes, or worse.

What’s the problem?

  • You have to give your real contact information when you register a domain name. This includes your full name, mailing address, telephone number and email address.
  • Your contact information is publicly listed as the contact for your domain name. Your name and personal information is published in the WHOIS database which can be searched by anybody using free web tools.
  • Your contact information can be harvested by marketing companies for telemarketing and spam email.
  • If you run a website that deals with controversial issues, your personal information is easily accessible to disgruntled visitors who want to take action.
  • Worse case scenario – your contact information helps build an online picture of you for identity theft.

Don’t get us wrong. Listing contact information in the WHOIS database isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  • Law enforcement officials can use the information to fight crime.
  • Consumers can use the contact information to fight fraud.
  • Corporations can use the contact information to fight trademark infringement.

What’s the solution? Domain Name Privacy Registration.

Chances are you’re not doing something evil with your domain name. Free privacy options from your registrar can help protect your privacy.

  • Instead of publishing your contact information in the WHOIS database, your registrar lists their company name, address, telephone numbers, and email.
  • You still retain full rights and ownership of the domain name, but this way, your contact information isn’t obvious.
  • A good registrar will offer free privacy when you register the domain name. Other companies can charge anywhere from an additional $6.99 per year and up.

What’s the catch? Domain name privacy isn’t perfect.

  • You’re hiding your privacy behind your registrar’s contact information. Your privacy is only as strong as your registrar’s will to keep your contact information private.
  • Domain Name Privacy will protect you from prying eyes and spam harvesting, but it won’t hide you from the law.

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