Domain Names – How Long Should You Register a Domain Name For?

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When it comes time to buy a domain name the question comes up from on how long to register that domain for. Remember when you register a domain you’re not really buying it, it’s more like a rental on a yearly basis. There are a couple of points to consider.

Minimum registration times

Currently the minimum amount of time you can register domain name is 1 year. This should cost you right about $10 for the year and during that time you can do whatever you want with it be for a website or blog, run an online business with it or simply use it to create email addresses. It’s your for that amount of time. Now, at the end of that year you will have the option to re-register the domain for another year, or two years or the next ten years. If you choose not to register the domain again it will go back into the unregistered domain pool to be picked up by someone else.

When to register for a long time

There are some cases where registering a domain for a longer period of time makes sense. For example if you have a business, either online or off, that is associated with your domain name you may as well register it for a longer period of time. Not only is this a little piece of mind but you’ll probably save a few dollars when you register for multiple years. If you’re thinking of starting a blog, and you’re not all that sure if you’re going to do much with it, then you’d go for a shorter time. We’re talking a very little amount of money here, about $10 a year, however remember that the registration fee is all paid up front at the time of registration.

Other benefits of longer registration

There are a few other benefits of longer registration times. One of these touches on the world of search engine optimization or SEO. There are many out there that believe the major search engines view domains that are registered for longer periods more favorably than those with a shorter period. The theory is a junk or spam website owner will probably not waste the money for a longer term. This, of course, can’t be verified one way or the other as the major search guys don’t really shared their methods. On the other hand, even if it’s a long shot, any little bit helps.

Take Away

If you know you’re going to use a domain for a long time go ahead and register it for 5 or 10 years. You’ll probably save a few dollars and, who knows, it might even help your search rankings. If you’re just trying one out, or are not sure if you’re going to be using it long term, then save your money. You can always register it again at the end of the term

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