Domain Names – How Many Should You Purchase?

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The question often comes up with how many domains to buy for a website, if there are any benefits to multiple domains and how to make use of multiple domains.

How many domains to get for one website

Only one domain is required for a website however it is common to have several domains in play. With most website hosting companies it is a very simple process to direct or “point” multiple domains to one website. There are three common and general approaches to this strategy. The first is to purchase multiple domain names that all have something to do with various focus points or related keywords of the website. The second is to purchase several different extensions for the same domain name i.e. purchasing,.net,.org,.biz and so on of the same domain name. The third is to purchase many domains that cover names that are close to or easily exchangeable for, the main domain.

The Many Different Domain Approach

The strategy of buying many different domains for one website usually takes some version of this approach. Let’s say you run a landscaping company in Anytown, NY. and your website covers areas such as lawn mowing, snow plowing and tree care services. You may want to purchase three domains such as “anytownlawnmowing”, “anytownsnowplowing” and “anytowntreecare” and direct each of those domains to specific topic relevant pages on your website. The point? In your offline advertising, online advertising and with word of mouth it can be beneficial to have keyword related domains for each of your services.

The Many Different Extension Approach

The main idea behind purchasing many (or all) different extensions of a domain name is to protect your branding, your website identify or a company name. For example if you own the “.com” of your company name anyone can purchase the “.org”, “.co.”, “.biz” and so on. If you have a trademark on the name there is some legal protection however many would rather simply own them all than rick someone else pricking them up and using them. With very popular sites a common trick is for someone to purchase a different extension of that domain and attempt to leech off the main sites popularity.

The Related Domain Approach

There are many cases where one business or website can be known by different titles. Often there is an official website or company name and another slang or causal name that it is also well known by – for example if you have a business called “Bob’s Authentic Italian Pizza Shack” it may also be well known just as “Bob’s Pizza Shack.” Both are similar but different. It would make sense for the company to own both domains and make use of them.

Take away

There are really no negatives to buying several domain names beyond the cost. The cost for a single domain is minimal however if you start getting into the dozens of domains, or hundreds, it will get pricey. There are a lot of neat and productive things that can be done with many domains for one website. If you’re interested in this approach keep in mind that many registers offer a price break for buying many domains at one time.

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