Domain Names – How Much Do They Cost?

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No matter what sort of website or blog you’re looking to create you simply need to own your own domain name. It’s really the only way to go and it’s amazingly cheap. Sure, you can get any number of free domain names that look something like this “something.something.whatever” however that’s only going to get you so far. Even if you do decide to use a free website service you still will want to have your own domain. So how much do they cost?

Buying an Unregistered Domain

Your typical unregistered “.com” domain today will cost you right about $10 a year when you buy from a Domain Name Registrar. That’s all. It works out to about 3 cents per day. When a domain is unregistered it simply means that nobody owns it yet. It’s available for purchase. For some of the less popular extensions you might get away with a little less. When new extensions become available sometimes you can spend a little more. If you buy a whole bunch of domains at once you can usually get a bulk discount rate and save a few bucks.

Buying a Registered Domain

Now, you can certainly spend a great deal more than $10 per day when looking to buy a domain someone else has already registered. This can come up in a variety of ways. For one you may have a great domain name in mind and find that someone else already owns it. You can always approach that person and see if they would be willing to sell it. In some cases this is just a regular Joe Blow how happens to own that domain and in other cases you may be dealing with a serious or professional Domainer. There are people out there that make their living buying and selling domain names and these people, creatively, are called Domainers. They may have hundreds, or thousands or tens of thousands of domains in their inventory. The cost on buying an existing domain is anyone’s guess. The asking price is based on a lot of factors but the biggest one is simply what the owner wants to sell it for. It’s pure supply and demand. It can be anywhere from a few bucks to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Take Away domain name is going to cost you about $10 a year. You can also spend thousands of dollars or more trying to buy the “perfect” domain name someone else currently owns. Just keep in mind that 99.99 percent of the success of your website will come from you, your effort and your content…not your domain name. Don’t spend too much!

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